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A movie goes from several stages,
from idea to script. As you continue shooting,
you will make some adjustments.
You're constantly adjusting.
It's like a piece of music.
You're constantly trying to make it better.


-Robert Rodriguez

Without the twin brothers of Dyzlo Film, Dylan and Lazlo Tonk, Moniek's directors debut Explore would not have been made, and certainly not the sequel EXPOSE. 

Without their support, brainstorm sessions and believe in her abilities, these films would not have surpassed the idea stage.

Flory Curescu, who was a third year student of Codarts, the Rotterdam dance academy at he time, jumped out at us the auditions with her technical abilities and own style of dance. On set she was tireless. She just turned 19 during the shoot and already impressive as an actrice as well as a dancer. After an internship at "De Stilte" (a proffesional dance company focusing on developing productions and performing for children) she will be graduating June 1st and will be available for her first steps as a professional dancer. 

Erwan has, with his ideas for Explore and EXPOSE not only changed the photography, but also helped us to fine tune the stories we wanted to tell. The images will speak for themselves as the trailer will demonstrate. In Explore he made all the "special shots" even more special then we imagined. So for EXPOSE we wanted to utilize his special skills as steadycam operator more extensively.   

Moniek van der Kallen's first film Explore was selected for the debut competition of the Dutch Film Festival of 2010, with which she was eligible for the Film Award from the city of Utrecht. The film was also internationally recognized as the film was selected for several (dance) film festivals. An impressive accomplishment for a director's debut, for which Moniek also was the choreographer.

Dylan & Lazlo Tonk

Danjel was already  part of the Explore team. His use of hitches and his arranging of the top and slowmotion shots set the tone for the next film.

This time we permitted ourselves more liberty in the montage, so you can really speak of a dance film, where dance and film are combined to be more than the sum of it's parts. With thanks to Zcene for making one of their editing rooms available to us.

Moniek van der Kallen
Flory Curescu DANCER
Erwan van Buuren
Danjel van den Hoogen
Maarten Buning COMPOSER 
Marly van Lipzig COSTUME DESIGNER 
Ronnie van
der Veer
Nicholas Burrough GAFFER

For the second film in the EX-trilogy we took a different approach, then with Explore. Instead of choosing a ready made pop song, we choose to work with Maarten to create the soundtrack after the first edit. His background in film scores, made it an exciting new project for both parties. 

Mirjam Venema MAKE-UP ARTIST 

Marly created a variation on some of her own designs. Visit her website and watch the film

she created with Danjel and Dyzlo Film for her collection 

"The architecture of prints".

After Ronnie added the small highlighting sounds to Explore, he really grounded EXPOSE. His foley places the viewer right next to Flory as she invites you to come along for the ride. 

Ronnie is the owner of the most complete foley studio in the Netherlands

Mirjam also is one of the returning crew members. She really knows how to get the dancers at ease and keep an eye on the continuity. For more of her work, visit her website:

In both Explore and EXPOSE, lighting was a key element of the story. And thanks to Nicholas, we were able to tell the stories like we imagined, and better! Both times we gave ourselves quite the challenge, due to the sizes of the sets and the wishes for the lighting, but Nicholas and his crew made it work :) .


thanks to



Maureen Baas

Abel Tattje


Cam Unit

Jorn Schram


Zcene MovingMediaCompany


Wim Pel Productions


Klijs & Boon

Cora Aarnoutse

Daphne Kerstens

Willemieke Bongers


Robert Jaap de Lange

Nicholas Burrough

Thomas Jeninga

Boris Bergshoeff

Tobias Bechtloff


Mirjam Venema

Marly van Lipzig

Loes Dellevoet-Smits

Chris van den Elzen


Sjoerd Jochems

Steffen van Zundert

Marit van Ee

Sanne Klous

Arash Nikkhah


Pepijn Klijs

Ronnie van der Veer

Stan Koch

Tomas Delfgaauw

Floortje Braam



first assistant director

assistant director

ass. production manager


focus puller


best boy 

lighting technician



hair and makeup

costume designer


set decorator  




production assistant 


still photographer



re-recording mixer


score mix



this film is supported by


City of Utrecht

Dutch Film Fund

6 TEAM crew
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