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A film by

Moniek van der Kallen


Through transparent curtains and glass ornaments a girl appears, dancing around her room carefree. Lightheartedly she moves across the floor. Until she realizes she is not alone. EXPOSE shows the joy of curiosity, initiation and enticement in the comfort of a private space. When the playful game derails, the dark side of the encounter is revealed. Innocence gives way to manipulation, fear and inner conflict.


Following her debut film EXPLORE (2010), EXPOSE is the second dance film of

Dutch director/choreographer Moniek van der Kallen. EXPOSE won the Short Film Award in 2015 at the Moondance International Film Festival. In 2016 the film won the Mr Zee Best Experimental Award and

the Mr Zee Audience Award at the Shortcutz Amsterdam Festival.


EXPOSE, is the second film in a short dance film trilogy. Where the protagonist the first dance film Explore learns to trust other people than herself, we use an alteration on the theme trust in EXPOSE. In EXPOSE learns the consequences of when someone abuses said trust.

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