The short dance film EXPLORE investigates the possibilities of a square frame. A young woman, shielded from the unknown,

is living in her own little world.

Her existence is framed by the people around her.


When she meets a young man who takes her out of her familiar surroundings, she gets inspired.

Will she lose herself in her newfound freedom? 

EXPLORE is the director's debut of Moniek van der Kallen and first film in the EX-trilogy. EXPOSE is the second film.

The choreography of EXPLORE is set to the music of New Day of Norwegian film composer and artist Kate Havnevik.

The song uses a wide  variety  of musical instruments, starting with classical violins, to ongoing dancebeats ending in a disarray of electronical noises.

Combined with Havnevik's glitching frail voice,

it makes the song a varied and challenging number,

gearing up to a climax. 


In the song, Havnevik sings about a new phase in her life.

The development in music is in line with

the development of the young female dancer. 

New Day is a track from Kate Havnevik's 2006 debut album Melankton. For her latest album &I, see her website.


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EXPLORE, Yael Cibulski, Create

EXPLORE dance film by Moniek van der Kallen. Presented by Dyzlo Film, Still by DOP Erwan van Buuren, dancer Yael Cibulski.